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Our End Goal

Meshcaid’s end goal is to build an interactive entertainment and learning platform for all ages interested in getting a start in the game development Industry. We want to help inspire and create the game developers of the future.

Our Story

In February of 2018, the initial concept of Meshcaid was proposed. Throughout the rest of 2018 and a good portion of 2019, we developed our first prototype platform with the early version of what is now the forums. Meshcaid pre-alpha was officially released for the first time in August of 2019 and this version was available until February of 2020.

April of 2021 saw the development of Meshcaid alpha begin in full swing. A few months later, a whole new web platform was released and by the end of 2021, we saw the introduction of what is now the Meshcaid avatar, character customization, and the marketplace. Progress was focused primarily on fine-tuning these aspects until late 2022.

It’s 2023 now, marking the beginning of events, regular asset releases, and the introduction of unique items. We are still working to bring the concept platform we first envisioned in 2018 to life. We want to meet our end goal of creating an interactive entertainment and learning platform for all ages. We have many more chapters ahead of us and we’d love for you to be part of it, so what do you think, are you in for the ride?

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